Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dhanam (Ilayaraja) - Music Review

After the grand success of Uliyin Osai album, Raaja is back with Dhanam. Dhanam offers seven tracks in total out of which only three songs are thoroughly enjoyable.

"Dhanam Dhanam" is a perfect kuthu number. Raaja’s folkish touch is seen through the entire song. "Ilamai Kanavugal" is a peppy song with all the ingredients to go well with masses. Accomplished singer Karthik’s rendition adds more charm and gives a good feel to the song.

"Kattilukku" is a usual song but thankfully saved by outstanding lyrics. Run-of-the-mill compositions are often saved by noteworthy lyrics. This is an example. Meaningful lyrics along with Raaja’s soulful vocals make this song worth listening. Raaja’s rendition is a great plus in this song.

"Kannanukku" is another good number in the album. A couple of highlights in this song are the well executed orchestration and the flute, violin interludes. All that you need to enjoy this slow song is patience. "Koothu onnu" and "Ulagam kedakkuthu" are below average numbers, the former is a kuthu number while the latter seems to be an item number. "Unakulle irukiren" is just a passable number that doesn’t offer enough scope to Sriram Parthasarathy to prove his talent. Surprisingly Raaja has used a piece of music in the first interlude which comes in “Selling Dope” of Pudhupettai.

Verdict of Vinith:
Dhanam doesn’t stand out as the composer’s last release Uliyin Osai did neither does it fail to impress you. Overall, Dhanam is a passable album. Definitely a treat for HC Raaja fans.

Star Rating: Between 2 to 2.5 Stars :-)


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