Friday, July 18, 2008

Plagiarism - Deva and SA Rajkumar

Deva, SA Rajkumar and two old songs!!!

Deva is one of the most sought after (for copying) music directors in Tamil. He has copied so many songs from various English bands. The list is really very long. You may check here for the lifted songs by Deva.

I feel that a small portion in the stanza of “Yaar solvadho” song from Kushi has been lifted off the humming piece in “Chittukuruvi mutham” song of Pudhiya Paravai (1964), music by Viswanathan Ramamoorthy.

Listen to Chittukuruvi humming,

Listen to Yaar Solvadho part,

Next one, S A Rajkumar’s

Kaasu thedi povoma ekka” piece from “Pala palakkuthu pudhu nottu” song of Thulladha Manamum Thullum is as same as the “unmaiyodu uzhaikonum thane thannana, machan” piece of “Summa irundha” song from Madurai Veeran (1956) music by G Ramanathan.

Listen to Summa Irundha,

Listen to Kasu thedi,

Are these numbers lifted ones or just a coincidental ones? Tell me your opinion.
You can find two more such songs Ramesh’s blog here!

One of my favorite bloggers Emjay has classified Plagiarism into different types. I wish to ask him the type these above said numbers belong to!! Emjay, Your comments please!!! :-)

To download those bits,



Emjay said...


Good find.

I am no judge, but, can give my 2 cents. No doubt, the lines you had pasted do resemble note by note. Well, its quite difficult to say that this belongs to Type 3 - Complete lift, unless we find some day that remaining pieces are from some other song!!

A typical example of Type 3 would be
Here the whole song is lifted (with no acknowledgements even!). Other examples would include Sirpi's Ullathai Alli Thaa album.

Finally, definitely because "Maanuthu Mandhayile Maan Kutti Petha Mayile" and "Vaa Dee En Kappa Kizhange" lines sounds similar we can't say it is a copy.

But, neither Deva nor S.A.Rajkumar have a good track record - that's a different story!

Vinith said...

"Maanuthu" and "Vaadi" - Yes. They do sound similar. Coincidence is very common in music!!!
You can check out Vidyasagar's "Anbe Sivam" track sounding similar to a track in Man Machine - A German album!!! :-)

Sirpi's Ullathai Alli Thaa - Whole album has been copied from various sources. Not even one genuine track in that movie!!!

Emjay said...

I haven't heard any album like Sirpi's Ullathai Alli Thaa till date where each and every song has been 100% lifted. It was a shame that atleast 2-3 songs in that were in Top 10 for 2-3 months !!

But, I guess people care less.. If they can shake their legs and hands, who cares if it is from Arabic music or Hugarian!!

Vinith said...

Thats correct Emjay.

IMO, this darker side of TFM (Plagiarism) wasn't that popular at that time. Very few ppl knew about the plagiarism in film music rest of them had been fooled.

But now situation is changed. Plagiarism has come to limelight and many people even avearage music listeners are aware of plagiarism!! Thats mainly coz of the powerful media called internet!!!

FYI, I got to know about this plagiarism in music only a couple of years ago!!! That too through

Now, I feel that plagiarism has reduced to a good extent. Inspiration is still there which is inevitable! But blatantly ripping has become very less in TFM. Your comments pls...

Emjay said...

I agree with you. It has reduced quite a lot and at least they do some homework now and transform the original.