Saturday, July 5, 2008

A "Stinking Portal" on the web

India Search Portal – An atrocious website I have come across!!!

There has been a portal which doesn’t respect Cinema Legends, cinema artists and the visitors as well? Do you know it?

:-) "The portal’s address is not revealed here" :-)

This site is famous for writing movie reviews but in a different way. They just don’t write negative reviews. They also describe the cine artists as “kurangu”, “pisasu”, “madayan”, “fool”, “panni” and many more filthy words.

When visitors see such harsh, rude words about their favorite film stars, they naturally get pissed off. They are hurt!! So they write comments using unmentionable words. It’s human!!! Isn’t it?

But, the comments will not be published immediately. It will be edited by the author before it gets published. He removes all those bad words of visitors with a [tag] and publishes it. Some of the comments are not published. I had written a unbiased comment asking them for a clarification. It never came to limelight. This clearly evinces that the author/administrator is not dare to publish all the comments of visitors even though they are not filthy. This is not justice. The story doesn’t end here. The administrator/author replies the visitor’s comments. Their replies to irate visitors always start with “sori naayi”, “donkey”, “retard” etc. No author can tolerate rubbish comments about their article. They should adopt the method of giving sarcastic replies to those irate visitors rather than using abusive words which makes no difference between the author and the visitor.

So, ultimately visitors are made fool. Visitors’ words are hidden but author’s bad words are published. Is that the justice he shows towards the visitors?

Whose mistake is this?

I’m not supporting visitors who are posting thrash comments neither am I against them. But what makes them write such words? What kindles them to write such words? It’s ultimately the authors’ words towards the film stars. His words are the root cause for all these. My suggestion here is, they should not use such words in their review.

Here, I don’t say that they should give only positive reviews. Author has all the rights to write his/her opinion but in a way that it doesn’t hurt the fans and followers. Not only that, if they hide the unmentionable words of Visitors, then they should also not use any abusive words in their reply. That is perhaps the right way of treating their visitors.

I don’t mind saying that am one of those wounded visitors of that portal. But now I have stopped commenting in that portal.

Most of the bloggers, critics should have guessed the site I am talking about. Haven't you? If so, what do you feel about this article. Does this article make sense?


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