Sunday, July 27, 2008

A threatening SMS

Friday - 8 Serial Blasts in Bangalore - 3 feared dead
Saturday - 14 Serial Blasts in Ahmedabad - 30 Dead

This is the headlines in all the dailies in India. Not only that, this has been the talk in every town in India.

People in major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta, Delhi are living in fear, they are hesitating to go outside, they are worried about their relatives living in the other cities.

At this situation of high fear gripping the people in INDIA, there is an SMS which is being forwarded among people in India. Even I received this SMS. I was totally pissed off on reading this SMS and hence writing this post.

The SMS is "Next attack in Chennai? Terrorists are forming the word BACK. Bangalore Ahmedabad Chennai Kolkatta. They have announced red alert all over India today. Please stay safe. Dont go outside"

I have surfed enough to check if this is true and have confirmed that this is just a fake news which is being spread by some jobless people. Will people not be put under high tension through this SMS?

My instinct says that this is an attempt by some yougsters to ridicule others. Do they enjoy sending this kind of SMS and putting people under hyper tension. What pleasure are they getting in sending such idiotic SMS?

Some of my friends said that this SMS could actually be a caution given to people in Chennai and Kolkatta. But I don't think so.

May god save my country from Terrorists also from such jobless people who indulge in this kind of activities!!!

Did you receive this SMS? If so, I request you to delete this immediately, please do not forward it to others! Thanks!


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