Monday, July 21, 2008

Satyam (Harris Jeyaraj) - Music Review

Oh my god, what happened to Harris Jeyaraj? He could have adopted his usual style of drone composition. Composer’s last release was Dham Dhoom. Even though the album lacked uniqueness and gave a good nostalgic trip, we were atleast able to enjoy the songs for some weeks. It seems that Harris wanted to try something different in Satyam. Result: Satyam gets a place in the list of “Harris’ worst albums”.

Chellame chellame – Bombay Jayashree, Balram
Harris’ trademark melody song with his usual rhythm pattern and orchestration. Harris does win in this song! First interlude is packed with a soothing solo violin while composer’s conventional “keeyan muyyan (LOL)” humming forms second interlude. Bombay Jayashree and Balram are at their best once again.

Enanbe – Sahdana Sargam
When there is Harris’ album, there should be atleast one ““Have I heard this before?” song. Yes. You have one in this too. A melody song With Sadhana’s youthful voice. The song does impress you but only to some extent.

Paal pappali – Ranjith
A folk number with superannuated form of tune and lyrics. Nothing new in the way the song has been orchestrated. The song does remind you of “sarakku vachurukken” of Sahjagan.

Ada gada - Premji
The song is awful with a below average tune, boring orchestration, irritating lyrics. Better don’t even give a try to listen this.

Aaradi kaathe - Hariharan
Nothing new in this song. Typical orchestration for intro song, usual lyrics that praise the hero and boring vocals, these all join together in this song to put your ears in jeopardy.

Verdict of Vinith:
The album evinces either of the following (or both):
1. As a commercial movie Satyam demands such songs.
2. Harris is running short of tunes.

Star Rating: 2 stars



Anonymous said...

The male singer in "Chellame chellame " is not Shankar Mahadevan,its Balram (Kaatrin Mozhi fame).


Vinith said...

Thanks for the info Nishanth! :-)