Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Saroja - Yuvan Shankara Raja - Music Review

Saroja – Innovative, Unique, Stylish, Trend Setting!!!

Saroja is one of the most awaited albums of the year. The album turns out to be an outstanding album. The album has totally 6 tracks all with fresh music including one English song which is the highlight of the album.

Since Original CD's are yet to be released (on 18th), I'm not mentioning the singers' names in few songs. Will update the review once I get the CD.

Kodanu Kodi
A perfect Kuthu song. Starts with a fantastic prelude. No doubt, the song is all set to be another Thee Pidikka. The song will go well with masses. The female humming voice in the prelude, interlude and postlude is catchy. Singers have done their parts well.

Cheeky Cheeky
A song that praises women. The orchestration of this song is an example for Yuvan’s ability in handling songs of different genre. The predominant beats in the song is truly appealing. Bit sonorous at times but still a unique composition!

Dosthu Bada Dosthu - Haricharan
A friendship song, a breezy number with addictive rhythm. Vaali’s lyrics deserve a special mention here. “Kanvaugal Kaanalam, Kaariyangal Koodalam, kalam…kalam Abdul Kalam sonna varthaiku or Salam”. Song carries good interludes; in particular the second interlude is likeable.

Aaja Meri - Premji, Vijay Yesudoss
Marriage/Engagement song. A good peppy number with funny lyrics. Premji’s voice add more fun. The song neither disappoints you nor does it make you listen repeatedly. Is it just the Hindi lyrics or the whole orchestration that gives us a feel of Hindi music? A passable song.

Nimirndhu Nil - Shankar Mahadevan
The song starts will with a fantastic prelude but grows as rhymes. Shankar Mahadevan’s rendition and meaningful lyrics are great plus. But the song fails to impress mainly because of the insipid tune.

My Life - Tanvi
This English song is the highlight of the album. Orchestration is in par with English albums. The combination of Heavy metal and electric guitar works well in this song. A brave attempt from Yuvan. A special mention to Tanvi for excellent rendition. This song comes in background in movie. Hence they have shot a video for this song which features Yodhakka band. This promo video is currently being telecast in most of Tamil channels. The video is worth watching.

Verdict Of Vinith:

Saroja is a thoroughly enjoyable album. Yuvan has done a fabulous job. Having said that Sakkarakatti is the best album of the year (so far) in my last post, I don’t mind saying that Saroja has all the ingredients to compete with Sakkarakatti!!!

Star Rating: 4 Stars!!!



1 comment:

theeyes05 said...

kodana kodi...sure going to be a hit like u said and dhost bada dhost will be the number of song which going 2 be close to our heart.

my life, already start rocking the tv... ppl are wondering with the video... yuvan and venkat brings out sumthing new and 1st time in tamil cinema.

cheeky x2 and aaje mere sonia will take time 2 touch puplic's heart...( i think so)..

anyhow, all the best for saroja team!