Thursday, October 23, 2008

Anandha Thandavam - Music Review - GV Prakash

No doubt. Anandha Thandavam is one of the very few best albums of 2008. GV Prakash Kumar is back with an excellent album after the last two disasters Kuselan and Seval. Anandha Thandavam album has five songs and one theme music.

Megam” sung by Shankar Mahadevan is the pick of lot. With haunting flute interludes and meaningful lyrics that convey the pain of love failure, the song turns out to be a masterpiece. Shankar Mahadevan is becoming more versatile nowadays. This song is one good example.

The next best song in the album “Poovinai” sung by veteran Srinivas is a sure shot winner among lovers. The seductive female voice belongs to Shreya Ghosal who is at her best in this song too.

The fast paced “Kallil Aadum” has some innovative drum beats and excellent interludes. Singers Benny and Swetha have done their parts well. “Kanaa Kangiren” sung by three female singers Shuba Mudgal, Nithya Sri and Vinithra is instantly likeable. Usage of classical instruments such as Nadhaswaram adds good feel. Composer’s orchestration ability sparkles in this song.

The only song which did not impress me despite its grand orchestration is Naresh Iyer’s “Pattu Poochi”. The “Anandha Thandavam Theme” music, which is the instrumental version of “Poovinai” song, is absolutely mind-blowing. This one instrumental is very close to my heart.

Verdict of Vinith:
Anandha Thandavam music is sure to take GV Prakash to next level. The album is worth buying. I’m eagerly waiting to watch this movie! There is a very good improvement in GVP's compositions. Hope he continues with the same!



Prakash Srinivasan said...

Vinith-With due respect to your opinion, I found Kuchelan very good. I first found it bad but after many listenings, I loved Chaaral (Shreya was wow), Sollama (unique tune) & Om Zaarare (superb string arrangements). I was quite sure of Aanandha Thaandavam being good, as I feel if you are a talented music dir (like GVP is), then you would give good music for a movie with a strong script, unlike the kuthu songs in stupid movies which is very common today. Albums like AT will revive the melody era :)

Vinith said...

Thats all right Prakash. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

But, I really don't know why Kuselan songs dint impress me. I had very very huge expectations on Kuselan, may be thats the reason why I dint like the songs! I thought I'd see Veyil GVP or a Kridom GVP in Kuselan. But serioulsy, the Kuselan songs were boring. Those two melodies in Kuselan could stand in my playlist only for a week. I never went back to that folder in my PC.

Three months down the line, I'd still be listening to couple of songs and the Theme music of Anandha Thandavam. This is the realy quality of an MD. This is what i expected in Kuselan. :)
Of course, the movie itself failed to live upto the expectations! :(

rks0406 said...

Hi! Vinith. with due respect to ur views. Anandha Thandavam by GVP, though the album has come out well, could easily find ARR's work revisiting thru in this too, Kana kangiren(traces of kannodu kanbathellam) and megam pola (traces of padayappa). No doubt he has talent but to identify his own style, Not to have the influence of anyone.

Anonymous said...

Rks, it is running in the blood...Having worked with his uncle in his younger days, no way GVP will be able bring out the ARR in him...

Vinith said...


this time the influence of ARR is very very minimal. I could find a fresh GVP this time which is far far better that his earlier albums. He is unique in AT. This is the GVP I was waiting for, after Veyil!

kanna said...

Am listening to the album now after reading your glowing review. I hope it stands up to the quality I saw from GVP many movies ago. Kuselan was not too bad, i guess, I did like Chaaral. But all the other songs fell short of expectation for me. Hope this is a good comeback :)

Btw, I must say something. I don't think it's fair to say Shankar Mahadevan is becoming more versatile NOW. He's always been versatile: you should check out his Hindi songs, especially when he's the music director. It's a pity that in Tamil we only hear him in Yuvan's hero opening songs.

Vinith said...


I was correct. I knew that atleast one will object using the word "Versatile".

I agree that Shankar Mahadevan has always been versatile. Ther is no second thought in that.

The chance of listening his voice in melody/haunting song is very rare in tamil, which actually made me use that word. In fact I'm writing an article about him which you may read soon here. :)

I listen to very few hindi songs, so I cannot comment on it. But i know that he is doing very good in hindi. Even now, i frequent his Kal ho na ho, Lakshya song :)