Saturday, October 11, 2008

Song Review – Mundhinam – Varanamayiram

What would be the outcome if a sweet tune with mesmerizing orchestration, excellent rendition and beautiful lyrics join hands?

Answer: A song like Mundhinam.

My pick of the album. Three people take credits for making this song a memorable one. Composer Harris Jeyaraj, Singer Naresh and Lyricist Thamarai.

Starting with Surya’s voiceover, every bit in this song is thoroughly enjoyable. Magnificent drum beats, enthralling saxophone interludes. You'll soon find the interludes here. Naresh Iyer’s cho chweet voice is the best choice for this song. Lyricist Thamarai’s lyrics carry much weight. I just got stuck to the line “Thulaa thattil unnai vaithu, nigar seiya ponnai vaithaal thulaabaaram thorkadho, perazhage”. Awesome!

Mundhinam Parthene – Naan yeppodhum ketpane :)
Kudos to the Team!
Need star rating? Well, 5 out of 5.


Anonymous said...

Enna boss sothapiteenga!Listen to George Michael's faith.It just has a similar guitar preludes and BG.Mundhinam is another feather to HJ's stolen cap.

Vinith said...

Yes Venki. I heard that this is an inspired one. But still i loved this song very much.

//Am yet to liten to George Michael's track :)