Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Song Review – Un Thalai Mudi – Kadhalil Vizhundhen (Vijay Antony)

One of the best songs of this year. Sorry last year. Yes, the audio was released in 2007.

I came to know about this song only after Sun Network started promoting this film by freeeeeeequently playing the songs in their channels.

The best part of the song is the saxophone in the prelude. I was stupefied when I listened to this prelude. Never thought that even Vijay Antony would come up with such a nice song. Next is the haunting flute (or some wind instrument?) interludes. The overall orchestration is very simple with mild percussions making the song so soothing to ears.

The only thing which spoils this beautiful song is the female voice which is not so sweet. Don’t know why Vijay Antony wanted Maya to sing in false voice. I’m not at all ok with that voice

Overall, a beautiful song!


Ramesh said...

yeah some nice songs in that movie. I like thozia and nakka mukka (male version) apart from the one you mentioned. Unakkenna naan is also a nice number but both the male and female vocals sucks in this song.

Vinith said...

Ramesh, I'm yet to listen to the other songs thoroughly. Have just listened to them once :)

Prakash Srinivasan said...

Vijay Antony is the most underused music dir in the sense that he can give great melodies like Ninjankootil (Dishyum), Thozhiya, Solladi (both Kadhalil Vizhundhen), Naanthaana (Ninaithale), Azhagaa (By2) etc. But dirs make him give noisy numbers which is sad. I feel Tamil music has to come out of that too many kuthu songs mode.

Vinith said...

I never considered Vijay antony as an MD though I loved Nenjankootil very much. But this song has made me change the opinion. Yes, he does have a good music sense. Directors are not using him well!

Anonymous said...

yeah guys ... dont praise much abt this song.. this is a copy from a english song

Vinith said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for dropping by.

I would really appreciate if you can tell me the exact source i.e the english song name, album etc.


Anonymous said...

The source of the song "unakkena nan " is from 'A girl like me ' by Rihannah .. you just serch in youtube as "Rihanna-unfaithful". you may know the original

Anonymous said...