Thursday, October 23, 2008

Silambattam - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Well, I had decided not to review this album but I couldn't do it as I'm a huge fan of Yuvan Shankar Raja!

Simbu-Yuvan combo who is well known for grand albums such as Manmadhan and Vallavan has come up with a disastrous album.

The only best song in this album is “Machan machan” sung by his dad and Bela Shinde. A song with matured orchestration and nice interludes. Ilayaraja thoroughly enjoys his son’s composition!

Where is da party”, is inspired from a very famous folk tune of Tamilnadu. Singers have made this bad song worse. I just couldn’t stand the female voice. There is something in her voice which made me press “Next” button, when I heard “Daamaalu dumeelu”.

Nalam Thana” – An atrocious attempt at remixing an eternal classic song. Simbu’s voice is horrible. This is one of the worst attempts by Yuvan. This will surely win him so much of criticism. Simbu-Yuvan combo has committed a big sin through this attempt.

Vechukkava – With no change in the tune, charanam, or pallavi, this is a remake in the name of remix.

Silambattam” sung by Shankar Mahadevan is the hero intro song with typical lyrics that glorify this talented (?) hero! Huh!

Verdict of Vinith:
A very bad album from this combo! More Simbu, less Yuvan!

Sensational Saroja followed by an Average Aegan and now a crap Silambattam. Yuvan’s career graph is lying low! Hope to see a better Yuvan in his next album!



Anonymous said...

""The only best song in this album is “Machan machan”""

Hmm.. If you say best it refers to just one song. I think you meant "only good song." Grammar is the issue.

No offense meant. Best of Luck.

Vinith said...

Anon, Cool.
Thanks for pointing it out. It’s changed :)

I usually follow “Freewriting” technique. First I write whatever that comes to my mind and edit it later. Overlooked "only". I wanted to say "The best song in this......"

Thanks :)

Musings of an amateur writer said...

Inspite of the inspiration, "Where is the party" is quite interesting, but will not live long in my playlist!!

Anandh said...

Yeah . It is a crappy album. I have not read one good review of this album.

Anonymous said...

the song where is da party, which old song does it remake?

Vinith said...

It's a popular folk tune. I'm not sure of the exact song. But one of my friends told me that its a common folk tune of Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy.

Anonymous said...

Agreed.. Macchaan song is good.. the album is aaaite! who is the chick who sings "where's the party?" sounds cool..

Vinith said...


"Where is da party" Singers - Mukesh, Priyadharshini! Their voice suits so well.

DEVAN said...


Vinith said...

My Dear Friend Devan,

Please read the below post.

IR-ARR-Yuvan is my choice.