Thursday, October 9, 2008

Music Review - Aegan - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Successful Ajith-Yuvan combo is back but with a disappointing album this time. Out of five songs, only two songs save the album.

Jazz melody "Hey Baby" sung by Shankar Mahadevan is a sure shot winner. With Yuvan’s brilliant orchestration and Shankar Mahadevan’s astonishing vocals, the song turns out to be the best in this album while the passable track “Odum Varaiyil” is greatly saved by the upcoming singer Bela Shinde. The charanam parts in this song are too good. “Kichu Kichu” did not impress me much despite its grand orchestration and beats. This is mainly because it sounds very similar to the orchestration of my favorite “Sei” song of Billa.

The other two songs "Hey Saala" and "Yahoo" are droning and dissonant pieces, mainly for mass hero.

Verdict of Vinith:
Aegan is strictly for Ajith fans and is out of satisfaction for other music lovers and Yuvan Shankar Raja fans.

Stars: 2.5 Stars

Straight from my heart:
I'm missing a solid melody this time also from my favorite Yuvan Shankar Raja. It's been long time since I heard a haunting, soothing melody from YSR. Waiting for atleast one melody in upcoming album Siva Manasula Sakthi. :(



Ramki said...

Nothing to rave about this sound track , but nothing to hate . Typical hit , plastic soundtrack !

Vinith said...

Yes ramki. A commercial album with techno beats. :)
Expecting your review :)

sarna said...

really a good review Vidhya , but the songs are purely for Ajithfans like me :D

I love the song hey saala, paattu ending'la oru flute bit irukkEy , vow , andha paattukku Ajith'Oda expressions and dance movements eppadi irukkum'nu nenachchu paakkumbOdhE pullarikkudhu :P

Hey baby seems to be good melody for me.

Vinith said...

Yes Sarna. The songs wil be a huge hit.
Hey baby is the best :)

Exactly my thought! I liked the flute piece in Hey Saala very much :)

techsan said...

Aegan Mp3 Songs

Anandh said...

Yeah there is not a single melody which is disappointing

Anandh said...

Yeah there is not a single melody which is disappointing