Sunday, October 5, 2008

Vannathu Poochi - Rehan - Music Review

Vannathu Poochi is an upcoming movie which deals with the relationship between a grandfather and his granddaughter. Songs are composed by debutant composer Rehan. Out of 7 songs, only two are listenable.

Aei Vangada – A folk song. No rhythm, no tune.

Ilamai Konjum – A dance number. Flows aimlessly. Really boring.

Kaatril Katril – A typical SA Rajkumar melody with Tabla in the background. Superannuated tune, orchestration, even the vocals.

Mazhai Varum – Another song with no solid melody or attractive beats.I just pressed "Next" button.

Ore Oru – Storytelling song. a.k.a Rhymes. Again "Next" button.

Oru Kudam – This is the best song in the album, sung by a girl. A haunting melody with mild orchestration. Child’s lively voice adds more charm.

Yarukulle Yaaro – Another good number in this album. Soothing tune with excellent male voice. The song does remind you of some other old song. But still, good to listen.

Verdict of Vinith:
Two songs are worth listening. Composer Rehan could have done more hardwork for this off-beat movie.

Stars: 2 stars


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